Hi ,I'm Arjun T Raj - Mobile & Web Developer

I design, code, and build things for the Internet & Mobile.
Let’s make things better together.

About me

Arjun T Raj

Full Stack Mobile & Web Application Developer with years of experience in design, development and implementation of various life cycles of Mobile & Web-based applications. Well-versed in React Native , Ionic Android, iOS, Windows UWP, Web Application development
Strong experience in, React Native HTML 5 , Adobe Phonegap iOS , Android , JAVASCRIPT ,typescript , CSS3 , Jquery, ReactJS , Angular etc...
Successfully developed 30+ application on iOS & Android

  1. β€’ Native iOS & Android Applications
  2. β€’ React Native, Cordova/Phonegap based iOS & Android Applciation
  3. β€’ 10+ React Native & Phonegap custom plugins for iOs and Android.
  4. β€’ 10+ React JS ,Angular and Bootstrap based PWA and Web Applciations

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • React & React Native Developer
  • MS Azure , AWS
  • DevOps
  • ES & TS Fan !
  • Bachelor in Technology
  • Coffee Lover


Mr. K Nik

CEO - Zequro Cyber Labs

I am very impressed by the technical aptitude and professional approach towards software development. Very good understanding and implementation of clients’ objectives and requirements.We are very glad to have work with arjun and look forward to future projects mainly Hybrid Mobile applications.

Mr. K V Manu

Auctus Solutions

Working with arjun makes it possible for us to reduce the cost of our Mobile Development significantly while maintaining high quality standards,I plan to continue working with arjun.

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    Dubai - UAE || Bangalore - Kochi- India
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years in Mobile & Web Application Development. Succeessfuly completed 30+ mobile applications (IOS, Android) and many small & enterprise web applications.

  • Mobile Application - iOS & Android

    2011. - now.
  • React Native .

    2017 - now.
  • Adobe Phonegap / Ionic - Hybrid Mobile Applciation.

    2011 - now.
  • Javascript - HTML5 - CSS 3

    2008. - now.
  • React JS | Angular , Many more from JS Family

    2011 - Now.
  • Web Develoipment

    2009 - Now.
  • DevOps - Cloud

    2017. - now.
  • Project Management / Tools

    2015 - now.


B tech - Information Technology

2007. - 2011.
Completed Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. (Cochin University of Science And Technology - Kerala, India)

10 + 2

2005. - 2007.

High School

2003. - 2005.


Main skills

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Chatbot Application Development
  • MS Azure
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Typescript
  • Windows UAP
  • CSS 3
  • React
  • iOS 7 Android Development
  • Java - Spring

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